Hello!  Welcome to the online center for The Ploger Method®.  The overarching goal for the website is the development of a comprehensive resource center for musicians interested in increasing their musical fluency and achieving musical comprehension in real time.  Marianne Ploger has positively changed the lives of hundreds of individuals around the nation and world through the communication of her original ideas and pedagogical strategies and her willingness to share her insight and passion with her students.  This online platform will serve as a resource for past, present, and future students of the Method, many of whom are teachers themselves and interested in incorporating Marianne’s ideas and discoveries into the classroom or studio.

Please use the form on the right hand side of the pages on this site to add yourself to our e-mail address book and receive important updates and news.  One of the purposes of the site is to create a space where students and teachers can communicate with Marianne and with each other.  We hope that this site will be a source of valuable information and insight; furthermore, we hope it will also be a space where musicians can exchange ideas and develop discussions among the already existing network of students and teachers who are interested in deepening their relationships with music through the Method.  This blog is a launching point for these connections - we’d love to have your comments on the posts, both about what you see here and about what you’d like to see in the future.  Feel free to comment on the blog or to use the Contact tab on the top menu to send a private message.

Under the Resources tab on the top bar of the page, you will find links to articles and other materials that can both aid in establishing the discipline of daily musicianship practice and help Marianne’s previous students to incorporate The Ploger Method® into their own teaching.  

As the website continues to grow, the number of available articles and videos will as well.  Soon, you will be able to purchase a subscription to a series of lecture videos which cover the basic concepts of the Method as presented in the Level I Musicianship Intensive.  (This is intended as a supplement for students who have previously taken or are in the process of taking the course - the videos will not be effective as a substitute for the course itself.)  Down the road, Marianne hopes to include on the website interactive software which will provide exercises in tracking and interval perception.

One of the functions of this blog will be to provide you with updates on the development and availability of resources and important news on the progress of The Ploger Method® in the musical and scientific communities.  Stay “tuned” for more information!