"To say the experience was enlightening and rewarding is an understatement. Marianne's methods for teaching aural skills are well developed and highly effective. Her workshops are designed with the serious musician in mind, and the pace at which each day moves is breathtaking.

By the end of each week I was thinking about music at a much higher level than I had previously thought possible.

What's more is that I left the workshops with a clear idea of how to continue developing my aural skills on my own. I would highly recommend the Intensives to anyone who is interested in deepening the level at which he or she perceives and conceives music in the most meaningful way possible."

-Joseph Stillwell, award-winning Composer and Pianist; San Francisco

"When do you come to Europe again? Please tell me! You are right, music doesn't consist of the notes which are written down, but it consists of the idea and intention. This I learned in these two days with you at Schloss Weinberg by a special way. It was so wonderful! I often think back to those moments which changed my music and my understanding of music...I hope to have you back soon in Europe!!"

-Carmen Gaggl, Bruchner Conservatorium; Linz, Austria

"I came to the level-one intensive with an expectation of improving isolated skill deficiencies in music theory and ear training – I left with a far greater awareness of the vast landscapes of art, perception, and pedagogy!  I am quite excited about implementing Marianne’s approaches into my conducting, teaching, and personal musical growth and to build upon what I have learned in a future level-two intensive."

-Brendan Caldwell, Associate Professor of Conducting and Director of Bands at Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory

          "As a collaborative pianist-coach, I am constantly dealing with issues concerning pitch, ensemble, rhythm, not to mention sight-reading, sight-singing and general musical confidence.

          Within three days of completing the course I was already putting more polished skills in these areas to use - at my church job, with private vocal clients, with my own practice.

          I recommend Ms. Ploger's course to any serious musician without reservation. She is a marvel of knowledge and comprehension, and so very enthusiastic and elegant as well."

-Katheryn Goodson, collaborative pianist-coach at University of Michigan

"There is no way to overstate the impact the Advanced Musicianship Comprehensive had on me.

I learned as much about my mind and soul in those four days as I do in a typical semester...I hope to continue my study of her methods for life and I strongly encourage anyone interested in understanding the process of what makes a great musical performance and how the mind learns new material."

-Aaron Hill, Professor of Oboe at University of Wisconsin, Madison

"Through hard work, the skills that Marianne teaches can be used by all musicians to gain an understanding of the language of music for the ultimate goal of developing the craft of musical communication.

Education in this level of musical craftsmanship is not offered anywhere else."

-Matt Sullenbrand, founder and instrument craftsman of Sullenbrand Harpsichords

Aside from her groundbreaking research involving musical perception, Marianne has an uncanny ability to understand how individuals learn and tailors her teaching style accordingly. You won't believe how much you will learn in such a short period of time during one of her Intensives!

-Matthew Lyon, Professor of Tuba at Ball State University


photo: Vanderbilt University


"Marianne Ploger provides the most meaningful and complete musical training workshops I've ever witnessed. At the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point we have built a Composition and Music Theory/Musicianship curriculum based upon her discoveries and teaching methods. This has one of the most exciting things I've witnessed in my career as a professor.

Run to sign up for her workshops. Taking one is the best investment in your future that you could possibly make."

-Charles Young, Professor of Composition at University of Wisconsin, Steven's Point

Listen to Doug Gibson's account of the workshops, which he has posted on his YouTube channel!  Doug is an award-winning composer based out of New York.

          "Initially I was daunted by the prospect of 4 days of intensive ear training, but shortly after we began on Monday morning I could tell that this experience was nothing to be afraid of.

          Ear training with Marianne is unlike any such experience I have ever had, primarily due to the encouraging attitude that prevailed from the very beginning. Not only would the activities of this workshop help us to hear better, we would master the numerous topics presented during the course of the week. About this there was simply no doubt, and it became obvious that Marianne's utterly simple yet intensely insightful way of teaching would help us to do just that. What sets Marianne apart from any teacher I have had before is that she assumes success because she knows so well the equipment that we all share and need only master to unlock our full potential. Therefore learning with her is not so much a matter of acquiring new skills and knowledge, but using our senses to uncover the truth around us and within.

          I cannot recommend this experience highly enough for any serious musician."

-Aaron Marx, co-director and instructor at the School of Performing Arts; Wisconsin

"After having attended Marianne Ploger’s Level One Intensive, I’m still amazed at the profound change that has occurred in my awareness of music. What is so remarkable about Marianne’s method is its solid grounding in human perception. There is nothing abstract about her teaching of aural skills; instead, she leads each of her students to hear aspects of musical sound that were always there, but never recognized. This is what allows Marianne to be such a caring, yet demanding teacher, because she knows through experience that we already have great ears – we just need to be taught to recognize what we’re hearing."

-Mark Edwards, harpsichordist and organist; winner of the 2012 Musica Antiqua Bruges International Harpsichord Competition,  Professor of Harpsichord , Oberlin Conservatory

"Marianne has to be one of the most learned people I've met. Imagine history, philosophy, mathematics, psychology and music professors all rolled together into one person, one who shares her knowledge generously and selflessly...I very much hope to continue studying with Marianne in the future."

-Mark Anderson, Principle Timpanist, Southern Sinfonia; Dunedin, New Zealand

"During the sessions, she taught me to hear individual pitches, intervallic relationships, chords, and changing harmonies in a whole new manner--- it was the first time that I was asked to “turn off” my perfect pitch so that I could really listen to what was happening in the sound and in the music."

-Stephanie Gurga, Pianist and Harpsichordist; Germany


"Unexpectedly, there is also the very special and rare opportunity to contact the teachings of the legendary Nadia Boulanger. Marianne, who studied with Boulanger, is quick to place her approach within that historical context giving the students an added level of learning."

-Gro Sandvik, Professor of Flute at the Grieg Academy, University of Bergen, member of the Bergen Woodwind Quintet, and former solo flutist of the Bergen Philharmonic orchestra; Norway